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Biscuit Book Series
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli Biscuit

biscuit is cute.

If you were a kid in a Medieval castle.
by Josh Gregory.

In that book a kid named henry have to be serve as a page but he is scared and when he left he was not scared.

If you were a kid in a Medieval castle.
by Josh Gregory

In that book a kid named Henry will have be served as a page but he was scared but he was not scared when he left.

Cam Jansen and the joke house mystery.
by David A Adler

In that book Cam Jansen solved a mystery and they know that their server might stole the joke winning trophy.

The Chocolate Touch
by Patrick Skene Catling

In that book a boy named John loves chocolate but one day he ate the toothpaste because that toothpaste tasted just like chocolate.

The worst witch and the wishing star.
by Jill Murphy.

In that book a witch named Mildred got a job lighting the candles by the school but she set the school on fire to. But luckily an another witch named Ethel came to help her put out the fire but the two witches have to have a talk with their meanest teacher named Ms.Hardbroom.

The worst witch to the rescue.
by Jill Murphy.

In that book a witch named Ethel stole an another witches idea for the same spell and turned the other witches coil pot into five rattle snakes but then she got punished by their teacher called miss.Hardbroom

Clara And The Bookwagon
by Nancy Smiler Levinson

In that book Clara's father do not let Clara read books until one day the librarian came the Clara's farm and Clara ran towards the black wagon filled with books but the told the librarian that she can not get books but when Clara pleaded her dad her dad said okay so the librarian picked a book for Clara.

by Maurice Sendak

Once on a hill, there lives two twins and one day their mother was sick, so they went to town square to buy some milk. But when they got to town square, they do not have any money to buy the milk. So they saw a strange man who sang for money and they sang too, hoping people will throw coins at them, But that strange man was singing too loud that nobody can hear the twins singing. so they got 300 kids to help them sing, the singing is so loud that the other people paid attention to them instead of the strange looking man.

Little babymouse and the christmas cupcakes
by Jennifer L. Holm

In that book little babymouse baked Santa some cupcakes but she ate all of them and put one cupcake that has a bite mark out for Santa but Santa didn't like the cupcake that has that bite mark.
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