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The Lehman Trilogy
by Stefano Massini

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This book is--what is it? A 700 page family saga in verse--full of insight, Yiddish, fun, wisdom, and, finally, sadness. I didn't intend to read it; I just wanted to look at it and browse, but I was hooked within a few pages. It's like nothing else I've ever read. (If you don't want to read it, you might choose to see it on Broadway for it's been turned into a play.)

Moonlight On The Magic Flute
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Good book, I loved it.

Just Jamie Book
by Terri Libenson Books

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I love it the best the guilt and all of it

True Grit
by Charles Portis

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A romp of a novel, great fun to read.

Ancient Rome And Pompeii
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Super interesting book for kids like me!

John Lydon Rotten
by Keith and kent Zimmerman

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Loved it!

Leprechaun In Late Winter
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Another great story about Jack and Annie! I loved it.

Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
by J K Rowling

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Adventurous and cool

Norma Jean Baker of Troy
by Anne Carson

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Carson is a favorite of mine: a classics professor who writes innovative, allusive fiction in wholly innovative forms. (I usually understand about half of what I'm reading.) Here she takes on Marilyn Monroe / Helen / Persephone / the Iliad (war). Sample: "Oh my darlings, / they tell you you're born with a precious pearl. / Truth is, / It's a disaster to be a girl."

Keeper Of The Lost Cities; Exile
by Shannon Messenger

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It has everything you would want from the series, an annoying but adorable alicorn, new revelations, more adventure and suspense, old and new relationships and how they develop, betrayal, hardship, funny book references, fights, and of course, way more elven fantasy realness.

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