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Mercy Watson Books
by Kate Dicamillo Books

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Great books

by Maurice Sendak

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Once on a hill, there lives two twins and one day their mother was sick, so they went to town square to buy some milk. But when they got to town square, they do not have any money to buy the milk. So they saw a strange man who sang for money and they sang too, hoping people will throw coins at them, But that strange man was singing too loud that nobody can hear the twins singing. so they got 300 kids to help them sing, the singing is so loud that the other people paid attention to them instead of the strange looking man.

Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
by J K Rowling

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Adventurous and cool

Tolstoy And The Purple Chair My Year Of Magical Reading
by Nina Sankovitch

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The author challenged herself to reading and reviewing (for a blog) a book a day for the entire year: it was her way of grieving the death of a beloved sister and healing herself. The book discussions that she includes here are brief, most of them a paragraph or so and often connected to a discussion of her sister's life and their relationship. The book is heartfelt and repetitious; I did take down the names of several books that I may read.

Daisy dreamer 2
by Anna Santos

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Very good

Fever 1793
by Laurie Halse Anderson

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in the begian it was bad, but then it got better and i loved it!

Just Jamie Book
by Terri Libenson Books

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I love it the best the guilt and all of it

Day Of The Dragon King
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Dragons are my favorite creatures! If you love dragons, you will love this book!

Leprechaun In Late Winter
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Another great story about Jack and Annie! I loved it.

Books: A Memoir
by Larry McMurtry

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A pleasant amble through a lifelong fascination with books and bookstores (mostly before the new book bookstores and then BN took over) by a man who has written 29 novels himself. This is full of stories about quirky booksellers and the thrill of the hunt and books that cost him a quarter years ago and now . . . well, you know that story. McMurtry is modest, clearly loves books, and has owned hundreds of thousands.

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