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If you were a kid in a Medieval castle.
by Josh Gregory

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In that book a kid named Henry will have be served as a page but he was scared but he was not scared when he left.

The Candymakers
by Wendy Mass

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It is a fun and entertaining book!

Moonlight On The Magic Flute
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Good book, I loved it.

Just Jamie Book
by Terri Libenson Books

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I love it the best the guilt and all of it

The Return
by Hisham Matar

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Matar tracks his years-long search for news of his father, taken by Libyan "police" to a notorious prison for political dissidents. The book is not easy to read but well worth the mental and emotional effort it takes.

Mr Putter And Tabby Books
by Cynthia Rylant

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Daisy dreamer 2
by Anna Santos

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Very good

When Dad Showed Me The Universe
by Ulf Stark

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I loved the book

Keeper Of The Lost Cities; Exile
by Shannon Messenger

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It has everything you would want from the series, an annoying but adorable alicorn, new revelations, more adventure and suspense, old and new relationships and how they develop, betrayal, hardship, funny book references, fights, and of course, way more elven fantasy realness.

Books: A Memoir
by Larry McMurtry

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A pleasant amble through a lifelong fascination with books and bookstores (mostly before the new book bookstores and then BN took over) by a man who has written 29 novels himself. This is full of stories about quirky booksellers and the thrill of the hunt and books that cost him a quarter years ago and now . . . well, you know that story. McMurtry is modest, clearly loves books, and has owned hundreds of thousands.

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