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Book Reviews
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Find A Pumpkin
by Tad Hills

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Awesome book

by Seymour Simon

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penguis are champion swimmers and divers. But they're not mammals like dolphins, they're birds. However, they spend most of their lives at sea.

Fancy Nancy
by Jane O'connor

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It's very nice

The Itsy Bitsy School Bus
by Jeffrey Burton

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See Pip Point
by David Milgrim

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Try A Little Kindness
by Henry Cole

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To be kind

The Going To Bed Book
by Sandra Boynton Board Books

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One of our favorite bedtime books

The Remarkable Journey Of Coyote Sunrise
by Dan Gemeinhart

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I loved this book!! It was so fun! The story of how one girl got her father to drive across the country for something she loved in total secret is the part that is most fascinating to me. That she would do all that, and risk getting caught by her father for her dead sisters and mother's memory box shows true love and loyalty.

There are monsters everywhere
by Mercer Mayer

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All''s Faire In Middle School
by Victoria Jamieson

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The story of Imogene started middle school for the first time helped me realize something. I am going into 6th grade in September, and I am SUPER nervous. Imogene helped me realize, being nervous for middle school is completely and totally normal!!