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Book Reviews
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Poppleton Books
by Cynthia Rylant

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Very good author

When Dad Showed Me The Universe
by Ulf Stark

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I loved the book

by Victoria Kann

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Tolstoy And The Purple Chair My Year Of Magical Reading
by Nina Sankovitch

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The author challenged herself to reading and reviewing (for a blog) a book a day for the entire year: it was her way of grieving the death of a beloved sister and healing herself. The book discussions that she includes here are brief, most of them a paragraph or so and often connected to a discussion of her sister's life and their relationship. The book is heartfelt and repetitious; I did take down the names of several books that I may read.

Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
by J K Rowling

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Adventurous and cool

Daisy dreamer 2
by Anna Santos

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Very good

Mercy Watson Books
by Kate Dicamillo Books

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Great books

The Lehman Trilogy
by Stefano Massini

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This book is--what is it? A 700 page family saga in verse--full of insight, Yiddish, fun, wisdom, and, finally, sadness. I didn't intend to read it; I just wanted to look at it and browse, but I was hooked within a few pages. It's like nothing else I've ever read. (If you don't want to read it, you might choose to see it on Broadway for it's been turned into a play.)

The Institute
by Stephen King

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Pretty good SK, but either I’m outgrowing him, or he had way too much world building filler. I normally love his detail, but it was just too much and repetitive from page 100 to 200. Last 100 pages was probably the best.

Italian Short Stories
by Jhumpa Lahiri, ed.

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Lahiri edits, comments on (with a headnote page), and sometimes translates 50 modern Italian short stories, most of them by authors unknown in the U.S. The stories are wonderful works of art, redolent of the country and its values and customs. Lahiri has recently learned the language and has begun to publish her own works in Italian. Brava to her for assembling this eye-opening collection.

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